• (British) IPA: /ˈhɪp.stə/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈhɪp.stɚ/

hipster (plural hipsters)

  1. A person who is keenly interested in the latest trends or fashions. [from earlier 20th c.]
    • c. 1954, Jack Kerouac, Untitled poem, in Book of Sketches, 1952-57, Penguin, 2006, p. 239,
      I, poor French Canadian Ti Jean become / a big sophisticated hipster esthete in / the homosexual arts […]
  2. A member of Bohemian counterculture.
  3. An aficionado of jazz who considers himself or herself to be hip.
  4. Underwear with an elastic waistband at hip level.
  • Portuguese: hipster
  • Russian: хи́пстер
  • Spanish: modernillo, gafapasta, jípster

hipster (hipsters, present participle hipstering; past and past participle hipstered)

  1. To behave like a hipster.
  2. To dress or decorate in a hip fashion.

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