interrupter (plural interrupters)

  1. One who or that which interrupts.
  2. A device for opening and closing an electrical circuit.
  3. (slang, humorous) An interpreter person who interprets speech in a foreign language
    • 2005, Ian Oliver, ‎Jan Oliver, War and Peace in the Balkans
      The other half of the local staff was employed as interpreters, often affectionately known as 'interrupters.'
    • 2017, Dean Bailey, Crawling Out of Hell: The True Story of a British Sniper's Greatest Battle
      The Coldstream Guards were already in place and knocked on the door. Daz Farrugia stood at the door with the Iraqi interrupter. […] The door opened and a middle aged Iraqi man stood there in his pajamas, gobbing off in Arabic, saying who knows what, but I guessed it was not very complimentary; the interpreter managed to calm him down.
  • Spanish: interrumpidor

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