let alone
  1. (idiomatic, negative polarity item) Much less; to say nothing of; used after one negative clause to introduce another, usually broader and more important clause, whose negation is implied by the negation of the first. However either of these instances mentioned can be applied with the use of let alone.
    He couldn't boil water, let alone prepare a dinner for eight.
  2. (idiomatic, positive polarity item, rare) not to mention, as well as; used after one item, to introduce a further item which is entailed by the first.
  • French: encore moins, et encore moins, sans compter, sans parler de
  • German: geschweige denn, geschweige
  • Italian: nonché, per non parlare di, figuriamoci
  • Portuguese: muito menos, quanto mais
  • Russian: не говоря уже
  • Spanish: mucho menos -que, ni qué hablar de, por no hablar de,sin contar con
  • German: geschweige denn
  • Italian: così come, come anche
  • Portuguese: ainda mais
  • Spanish: así como, sin contar con, además de

let alone

  1. (transitive) To leave alone, let be; to stop bothering.
    I wish he would let me alone so I could get some sleep.
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  • Spanish: dejar en paz. dejar

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