• (America) (noun) IPA: /ˈmɝtʃənˌdaɪs/, /ˈmɝtʃənˌdaɪz/
  • (America) (verb) IPA: /ˈmɝtʃənˌdaɪz/
  • (RP) (noun) IPA: /ˈmɜːtʃənˌdaɪs/, /ˈmɜːtʃənˌdaɪz/
  • (RP) (verb) IPA: /ˈmɜːtʃənˌdaɪz/

merchandise (uncountable)

  1. (uncountable) Commodities offered for sale.
    good business depends on having good merchandise
  2. (countable) A commodity offered for sale; an article of commerce; a kind of merchandise.
  3. (uncountable) The act or business of trading; trade; traffic.
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merchandise (merchandises, present participle merchandising; past and past participle merchandised)

  1. (intransitive, archaic) To engage in trade; to carry on commerce.
  2. (intransitive) To engage in in-store promotion of the sale of goods, as by display and arrangement of goods.
    He started his career merchandising in a small clothing store chain.
  3. (transitive, archaic) To engage in the trade of.
  4. (transitive) To engage in in-store promotion of the sale of.
    He got hired to merchandise some new sporting goods lines.
  5. (transitive) To promote as if for sale.
    The record companies don't get as good a return on merchandising artists under contract.

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