politically correct

politically correct

  1. (politics) Possessing or conforming to the correct political positions; following the official policies of the government or a political party.
    Synonyms: dogmatic, orthodox
    Antonyms: heretical, unorthodox, politically incorrect
    • 1793, U.S. Supreme Court, Chisholm v State of GA, 2 US 419 (1793) ↗
      Sentiments and expressions of this inaccurate kind prevail in our common, even in our convivial, language. Is a toast asked? ‘The United States’, instead of the ‘People of the United States’, is the toast given. This is not politically correct.
    • 1964 March 23, Lyndon B. Johnson, Remarks in Atlantic City at the Convention of the United Auto Workers ↗:
      I am here to tell you that we are going to do those things which need to be done, not because they are politically correct, but because they are right. We are going to pass a civil rights bill if it takes all summer.
  2. (idiom, now, chiefly, in conservative discourse and pejorative) Respectful of and avoiding offending certain genders, ethnicities, sexualities and/or other demographics.
    Synonyms: polite
    Antonyms: impolite, rude, offensive, politically incorrect
    • Why do they call camels "Ships-of-the-desert" ?
      Because they're full of Iranian seamen.
      (NOW, being politically correct you must, of course, substitute "martian"
      What a clever joke this becomes! Hopefully, there are no martians listening. )
  3. 2017, Linda Kalof, The Oxford Handbook of Animal Studies (page 434)
    Even when mounted in the context of animal-centric conferences or events, exhibits of “animal art” routinely display works consisting of animal parts or taxidermied animals—most of which can be viewed while people are eating their politically correct vegan lunch.
  4. (idiom, politics, pejorative) Possessing stereotypical left-wing social views.
    Synonyms: right-on
Translations Verb

politically correct (politically corrects, present participle politically correcting; past and past participle politically corrected)

  1. (transitive) To modify in a way that is more respectful to minorities.
  2. (transitive) To modify in a way that conforms more to the official position of a government or political party.

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