1. That portion of precipitation or irrigation on an area which does not infiltrate or evaporate, but instead is discharged from the area.
    • 1994, Ruth Patrick, Rivers of the United States, Estuaries (page 138)
      The next series of high tides or large waves will tend to rebuild the berm and redam the stream. Ultimately, increased runoff due to fall or winter rains will raise the stream level to the point where it breaks through.
  2. Dissolved chemicals, etc, included in such water.
    The runoff of nitrates is poisoning the lake.
  3. A second or further round of an indecisive election, after other candidates (often all but the last two) have been eliminated,
    There will now be a runoff as neither front runner received more than 50% of the vote.
Translations Translations
  • French: ballottage
  • German: Stichwahl
  • Portuguese: segundo turno, segunda volta
  • Russian: второ́й эта́п выборы
  • Spanish: segunda vuelta

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