• (America) enPR: sĕk'tər, IPA: /ˈsɛk.təɹ/

sector (plural sectors)

  1. section
  2. zone (designated area).
  3. (geometry) part of a circle, extending to the center
  4. (computing) fixed-sized unit (traditionally 512 bytes) of sequential data stored on a track of a digital medium (compare to block)
  5. (military) an area designated by boundaries within which a unit operates, and for which it is responsible
  6. (military) one of the subdivisions of a coastal frontier
  7. (science fiction) a fictional region of space designated for navigational or governance purposes.
  8. (calculation) an instrument consisting of two rulers of equal length joined by a hinge.
  9. a field of economic activity
    public sector;  private sector
  10. (engineering) A toothed gear whose face is the arc of a circle.
  11. (motor racing) A fixed, continuous section of the track, such that sectors do not overlap but all sectors make up the whole track.
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  • Russian: се́ктор
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