silverfish (plural silverfish)

  1. Certain insects
    1. Lepisma saccharina, a small wingless insect with silvery scales, a type of bristletail.
    2. Other similar insects in the order Zygentoma, including:
      1. Ctenolepisma lineata, also called four-lined silverfish.
      2. Ctenolepisma longicaudata, or the grey silverfish.
  2. Certain fish
    1. Megalops atlanticus, the Atlantic tarpon, the tarpum.
    2. The silver fish, Raiamas senegalensis.
    3. The Antarctic silverfish, Pleuragramma antarcticum.
    4. A white variety of the goldfish.
    5. Aphareus rutilans (rusty jobfish)
    6. Argentina sphyraena (a herring smelt)
    7. Argyrozona argyrozona (carpenter sea bream)
    8. Labeobarbus bynni (Niger barb, barbel, Nile barb)
    9. Enteromius mattozi (papermouth])
    10. Callorhinchus milii (elephant shark)
    11. Elops saurus (ladyfish)
    12. Leptatherina presbyteroides (hardyhead, prettyfish)
    13. Pseudocaranx dentex (white trevally)
    14. Steindachnerina argentea (a toothless characin)
    15. Trachinotus ovatus (pompano)
    16. Trichiurus lepturus (largehead hairtail)
    17. Ulaema lefroyi (mottled mojarra)
  • (type of bristletail) fishmoth

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