• (GA) IPA: /ˈsplʌtɚ/

splutter (splutters, present participle spluttering; past and past participle spluttered)

  1. To sputter.
    • 1867, Aunt Judy's Annual Volume (volumes 2-3, page 169)
      The log on the fire spluttered and sent a cloud of sparks up the chimney, and shadows of the bell-ringers started up on the walls and disappeared in the intricacies of the roof.
    • 1951, Lloyd Louis Brown, Iron City (page 198)
      The old-fashioned pen spluttered and scratched as he wrote.
  2. To spray droplets of saliva from the mouth while speaking.
  3. To speak hurriedly and confusedly.
  4. To perform to a substandard level.
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splutter (plural splutters)

  1. A spluttering.
    a sputter of water from a pipe
    a sputter of rage from the old man

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