state of the art

state of the art

  1. At the highest level of development at a particular time; cutting-edge.
    • 2006, Patrick Blackburn · Johan Bos · Kristina Striegnitz, Learn Prolog Now!, §8.3
      How good are DCGs from a linguistic perspective? Well, mixed. At one stage (in the early 1980s) they were pretty much state of the art. They made it possible to code complex grammars in a clear way, and to explore the interplay of syntactic and semantic ideas. Certainly any history of parsing in computational linguistics would give DCGs an honourable mention.
    state-of-the-art technology
Synonyms Translations
  • French: dernier cri, de pointe, nec plus ultra
  • German: modernst
  • Italian: di ultima generazione, stato dell'arte
  • Portuguese: de última tecnologia, de ponta, top de linha
  • Russian: совреме́нный
  • Spanish: de vanguardia, de estado actual de la tecnología, al día, la última palabra, el último grito

state of the art (uncountable)

  1. The condition of scientific or technical knowledge, particularly the peak or highest level thereof, at a particular time.

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