• IPA: /səˈsɛptɪbl̩/


  1. likely to be affected by something
    He was susceptible to minor ailments.
  2. easily influenced or tricked; credulous
  3. (medicine) especially sensitive, especially to a stimulus
  4. that, when subjected to a specific operation, will yield a specific result
    Rational numbers are susceptible of description as quotients of two integers.
    A properly prepared surface is susceptible of an enduring paint job.
  5. vulnerable; (temporarily) defenseless
    • 2013, Daniel Taylor, Rickie Lambert's debut goal gives England victory over Scotland (in The Guardian, 14 August 2013)
      The visitors were being pinned back by the end of the first half. Yet Gordon Strachan's side played with great conviction and always had a chance of springing a surprise when their opponents were so susceptible at the back.
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susceptible (plural susceptibles)

  1. (epidemiology) A person who is vulnerable to being infected by a certain disease

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