tic-tac-toe (uncountable)

  1. (games) A game in which two players take turns putting circles and crosses on a 3x3 grid and try to get three of the same symbols in a line
  • noughts and crosses or naughts and crosses (mostly British)
  • X's and O's (English - Ireland)
  • X-e O-zees (Northern Ireland)
  • Boxin' OXen (Southern Ireland)
  • Twiddles & Bears (Norway)
  • French: morpion
  • German: Tic Tac Toe, Dodelschach, Drei gewinnt, Kreis und Kreuz, XXO
  • Italian: filetto, tris
  • Portuguese: jogo do galo, jogo da velha
  • Russian: кре́стики-но́лики
  • Spanish: tres en raya, ta-te-ti, (Mexico) gato

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