to wit

to wit (not comparable)

  1. (formal) that is to say; namely; specifically.
    The directors of the company, to wit, Fred Smith and Albert Jones, inform us that…
    The defendant is charged with possession of a controlled substance, to wit, cocaine…
    • 1855, Robert Browning, “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came”, VII:
      Thus, I had so long suffered in this quest, / Heard failure prophesied so oft, been writ / So many times among "The Band" - to wit, / The knights who to the Dark Tower's search addressed / Their steps - that just to fail as they, seemed best, / And all the doubt was now—should I be fit?
    • July 2000, Todd Greanier, Discover the secrets of the Java Serialization API ↗
      Though the animation code above demonstrates how a thread could be included as part of an object while still making that object be serializable, there is a major problem with it if we recall how Java creates objects. To wit, when we create an object with the new keyword, the object’s constructor is called only when a new instance of a class is created.
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