• IPA: /ʌnˈtʃɛkt/

unchecked (not comparable)

  1. Unrestrained, not held back.
    • 1658, [John Mennes; James Smith], “The Same, to the Same [Mr. Smith, to Captain Mennis]”, in Wit Restor'd in Severall Select Poems Not Formerly Publish't, London: Printed for R. Pollard, N. Brooks, and T[homas] Dring, and are to be sold at the Old Exchange, and in Fleetstreet, OCLC 82393304 ↗; republished in Facetiae. Musarum deliciæ: Or, The Muses Recreation. Conteining Severall Pieces of Poetique Wit by Sr. J. M. and Ja: S. 1656. And Wit Restor'd, in Severall Select Poems, Not Formerly Publish't. 1658. Also Wits Recreations, Selected from the Finest Fancies of Moderne Muses. With a Thousand Out-landish Proverbs. Printed from Edition 1640, with All the Wood Engravings, and Improvements of Subsequent Editions. To which are Now Added Memoirs of Sir John Mennis and Dr. James Smith. With a Preface. In Two Volumes, volume I, London: Printed by T[homas] Davison, Whitefriars; for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, Paternoster-Row, 1817, OCLC 230583538 ↗, page 113 ↗:
      O happy captain, that may'st houze / In quarter free, and uncheckt brouze / On teeming hedge, when purse is light, / Or on the wholsom sallat bite: […]
    • 1821–1824, John Clare, “The Mores”, lines 1–10; reprinted in Merryn Williams and Raymond Williams, editors, John Clare: Selected Poetry and Prose, London; New York, N.Y.: Methuen Publishing, 1986, ISBN 978-0-416-41120-1, pages 90–91:
      Far spread the moorey ground a level scene / Bespread with rush and one eternal green / That never felt the rage of blundering plough / Through centurys wreathed springs blossoms on its brow / Still meeting plains that stretched them far away / In uncheckt shadows of green brown and grey / Unbounded freedom ruled the wandering scene / Nor fence of ownership crept in between / To hide the prospect of the following eye / Its only bondage was the circling sky […]
  2. Not examined for accuracy, efficiency, etc.
  3. (chiefly computing) Of a check box: not checked (ticked or enabled).
  4. (crossword puzzles) Of a square: part of only one entry (that is, across or down, but not both).
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  1. Simple past tense and past participle of uncheck.

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