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  • IPA: /wɪf/, /wʊf/, /wʌf/

wff (plural wffs)

  1. Acronym of well-formed formula
    • 1964, On the Occurence of Non-deontic WFF's in Argument Forms Having Deontic WFF's as Conclusion
      which are of the form P(S) and hence we know that we can decide its truth value if we can decide the truth Value of all d-wff's of form P(S). But if it is of the form P(S ) then it is equivalent to P(T) where T is the dans of S. But by the principle of […]
    • 2001, James L. Hein, Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability, Jones & Bartlett Learning (ISBN 9780763718435), page 350:
      A grammatically correct expression is called a well-formed formula, or wff for short, which can be pronounced "woof." To decide whether an expression is a wff , we need to precisely define the syntax (or grammar) rules for the formation of wffs […]
    • 2002, Fernando C. N. Pereira, Stuart M. Shieber, Prolog and Natural-Language Analysis, Microtome Publishing (ISBN 9780971977709), page 76:
      The set of well-formed formulas (wffs) is the smallest set satisfying the following conditions: • If p is an n-ary predicate symbol (an element of Pn) and t1 ,. .., tn are terms, p(t1 ,. ..,tn) is a wff. • If p is a wff and x is a variable, (∀x)p and (∃x)p are […]


wff (plural wffs)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of wff; well-formed formula.

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