Dictionary Language Pack

A dictionary language pack provides definitions of words that can be used by other Android applications.
The following stable language packs are available in the Android Market: Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary Dictionary

The content of the language pack is extracted from the Wiktionary and included in the Dictionary language pack in order to be used by other Android applications.

Further informations about Livio Dictionaries are described in the following pages: phones and tablets


Your Android application can trigger a dictionary pack by creating an intent as explained in Android section.

It is also possible to retrieve the meaning of a word by querying the Dictionary content provider using the procedure described in Content Provider Basics.

Any Android applications may retrieve the definition of a word from the language packs installed on the Android device. Java code examples are provided in Android section.

Please add new word definitions in Wiktionary in order to build a better dictionary.

Online Dictionary

Dictionary The application Online Dictionary explains the meaning of words to the end user, based on the language packs extracted from the Wiktionary.

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