Proper noun
  1. Initialism of Hansestadt Bremen The German city of Bremen. (Used on licence plates and informally in other contexts.)
    Let's meet in HB tomorrow.
Related terms Adjective

HB (not comparable)

  1. hard black (describing a pencil that makes lighter marks than a grade B, but darker marks than a grade H pencil)

HB (plural HBs)

  1. (stars) Initialism of horizontal branch
  2. (slang, seduction community) A hot babe, someone pickup artists try to seduce. (Usually followed by a number in the 1-10 scale of physical beauty, e.g. HB10.)
  3. (health) Initialism of homebirth
  4. (legal, politics, often followed by a number) Initialism of house bill (Compare SB.)
  5. (American football) Initialism of halfback
Related terms
  • (horizontal branch) AGB, BHB, TRGB, ZAHB

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