IP (not comparable)

  1. (medicine) intraperitoneal


  1. (legal, uncountable) intellectual property
  2. (motion picture, countable) interpositive
  3. (baseball, countable, invariant) The statistic reporting the number of innings pitched by a pitcher.
  4. (biology, uncountable) immunoprecipitation
  5. (computing) insertion point where text, etc. will be added in a document
  6. (computing) instruction pointer CPU register
  7. (US, military, initialism, slang) An Iraqi police officer, or the Iraqi police as a whole.
  8. (US, military, initialism, slang) An Irish pennant.
  9. (grammar, X-bar theory) Inflectional phrase
  10. (Internet, networking) Someone's Internet Protocol (IP) address
    1. (Internet slang) In wikis, an unregistered user identified by their IP address
      This IP made a disruptive edit!
Proper noun
  1. (Internet, networking) Internet Protocol
  2. Ingress Protection Rating
  3. International Paper
  4. (cryptography) initial permutation
  • German: IP

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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