Pronunciation Noun

ob (plural obs)

  1. (historical) a halfpenny

ob (plural obs)

  1. (archaic) an objection
  2. (genetics) the obese gene

Proper noun
  1. The westernmost of the three great Siberian rivers in Russia.
  • German: Ob
  • Portuguese: Ob
  • Russian: Обь
  • Spanish: Obi, Ob



  1. (sport) Initialism of Olympic best
  2. (TV, radio) Initialism of outside broadcast
  3. Initialism of old boy (male graduate; also a CB radio operator's term of address for a male)
  4. Abbreviation of obstetrician#English|obstetrician.
    • 1989, Contemporary Obstetrics-gynecology (volume 33, page 200)
      One woman in ten is at risk — yet one-third of all women over 50 have never had a mammo! By making Pap tests routine, OBs and GYNs have saved many lives.
  5. Abbreviation of obstetrics#English|obstetrics.

ob (not comparable)

  1. Abbreviation of obstetric#English|obstetric.
  2. (golf) Initialism of out of bounds
  3. Abbreviation of obligatory#English|obligatory. (as in "ob. link" on Usenet) (see ObLink at c2.com ↗; see also ob-)

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