adhesive tape

adhesive tape

  1. Tape with an adhesive film on one side, used to attach materials to something.
  2. (US, medical) Surgical tape, such tape made specifically for medical purposes.
  • (US medical) medical tape
  • (US medical) surgical tape
  • French: ruban adhésif, scotch
  • German: (more formal) Klebeband; (more informal) Tesafilm, n, Tesa,
  • Portuguese: fita adesiva, fita gomada, fita-cola, durex (Brazil)
  • Russian: скотч
  • Spanish: (formal usage) cinta adhesiva, (Spain) celo, (Colombia) cinta pegante, (Argentina) cinta Scotch, (Mexico) diurex, (Southern Spain) fixo, (Costa Rica) tape, (Venezuela) teipe, (Dominican Republic) teipi, cinta escocesa

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