blowhole (plural blowholes)

  1. The spiracle, on the top of the head, through which cetaceans breathe.
  2. A vent for the escape of gas.
  3. A top-facing opening to a cavity in the ground very near an ocean's shore, leading to a marine cave from which wave water or bursts of air are expelled.
  4. (metallurgy) An unintended cavity filled with air in a casting product.
  5. (computer hardware) A vertical opening in the top of computer cases, that let hot air, primarily from the CPU heat sink, escape quickly.
Translations Translations
  • Italian: sfiatatoio
  • Portuguese: respiradouro
  • Russian: отду́шина
Translations Verb

blowhole (blowholes, present participle blowholing; past and past participle blowholed)

  1. (metallurgy, ambitransitive) To fill or be filled with air in an unintended cavity.

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