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  • IPA: /məˈɹiːn/


  1. Belonging to or characteristic of the sea; existing or found in the sea; formed or produced by the sea.
  2. Relating to or connected with the sea (in operation, scope, etc.), especially as pertains to shipping, a navy, or naval forces.
  3. Used or adapted for use at sea.
  4. (zoology) Inhabiting the high seas; oceanic; pelagic. (distinguished from maritime or littoral)
  5. (obsolete) Belonging to or situated at the seaside; maritime.
Translations Noun

marine (plural marines)

  1. (military, nautical) A soldier, normally a member of a marine corps, trained to serve on board or from a ship
    He was a marine in World War II.
  2. (capitalised in the plural) A marine corps.
    He fought with the Marines in World War II.
  3. A painting representing some marine subject.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: marinier
  • German: Marineinfanterist
  • Portuguese: fuzileiro naval
  • Russian: солда́т морско́й пехота
  • Spanish: infante de marina, marino


marine (not comparable)

  1. Of, or pertaining to, a marine corps.
  1. A member of a marine corps.

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