• IPA: /ˈkastələt/

castellate (plural castellates)

  1. (historical, rare, obsolete) The district of a castle.
    • 1809, William Bawdwen translating the Domesday Book, p. 230:
      In the Castellate of Roger of Poictou...
    Synonyms: castellany


  1. (rare) castle-like: built or shaped like a castle.
    • 1830, William Phillips, Mt. Sinai, i.212:
      ...The living porphyry, in towers around
      Grotesquely castellate...
  2. (rare) Castled: having or furnished with castles.
    • 1864, Benjamin Disraeli, Revolutionary Epick, ii.xix.103:
      ...Heights castellate...
  3. (rare) Housed or kept in a castle.
    Synonyms: castle, incastellated
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  • IPA: /ˈkastəleɪt/

castellate (castellates, present participle castellating; past and past participle castellated)

  1. (transitive) To make into a castle: to build in the form of a castle or to add battlements to an existing building.
    • 1840, Henry Taylor, ''Autobiography, Vol. I, Ch. xx, p. 321:
      The citizen who castellates a Villa at Richmond...
  2. (intransitive, rare) To take the form of a castle.
    • 1831, John Wilson, Unimore, i.77:
      ...Clouds slowly castellating in a calm...
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