• IPA: /ˈtʃɪlɪŋ/


  1. Becoming cold.
    • 1936, Djuna Barnes, Nightwood, Faber & Faber 2007, p. 22:
      As they reached the street the ‘Duchess’ caught a swirling hem of lace about her chilling ankles.
  2. Causing cold.
  3. Causing mild fear.
    It was a chilling story, but the children enjoyed it.
    • 22 March 2012, Scott Tobias, AV Club The Hunger Games[,71293/]
      Displaying a sturdy professionalism throughout that stops just short of artistry, director Gary Ross, who co-scripted with Collins and Billy Ray, does his strongest work in the early scenes, which set up the stakes with chilling efficiency.
Translations Verb
  1. present participle of chill#English|chill

chilling (plural chillings)

  1. The act by which something is chilled.

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