• (British, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, America) IPA: /ˈdeɪtəˌbeɪs/
  • (Ireland, America) IPA: /ˈdætəˌbeɪs/
  • (British, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa) IPA: /ˈdɑːtəˌbeɪs/

database (plural databases)

  1. (general) A collection of (usually) organized information in a regular structure, usually but not necessarily in a machine-readable format accessible by a computer.
    I have a database of all my contacts in my personal organizer.
  2. (computing) A set of tables in a database(1).
    The "books" database will have three tables, and the "customers" database will have two tables.
  3. (computing) A software program for storing, retrieving and manipulating a database(1).
    Which database do you use: MySQL or Oracle?
  4. (computing) A combination of (1) and (2).
  • (computer software) DB
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database (databases, present participle databasing; past and past participle databased)

  1. To enter data into a database.

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