• (British, Ireland, America)
  • (America, Canada, Ireland)
    • enPR: dă'tə, IPA: /ˈdætə/, [ˈdæɾə]
  • (Aus, New Zealand, South Africa, UK formal)
  1. plural form of datum

data (uncountable)

  1. (collectively) Information, especially in a scientific or computational context, or with the implication that it is organized.
    The raw information was processed and placed into a database so the data could be accessed more quickly.
    • 1992, Rudolf M[athias] Schuster, The Hepaticae and Anthocerotae of North America: East of the Hundredth Meridian, volume V, New York, N.Y.: Columbia University Press, →ISBN, page vii:
      With fresh material, taxonomic conclusions are leavened by recognition that the material examined reflects the site it occupied; a herbarium packet gives one only a small fraction of the data desirable for sound conclusions. Herbarium material does not, indeed, allow one to extrapolate safely: what you see is what you get{{...}
  2. (collectively) Recorded observations that are usually presented in a structured format.
  3. (computing) A representation of facts or ideas in a formalized manner capable of being communicated or manipulated by some process.
  4. (mobile telephony) Digital information such as images or web pages transmitted using the cellular telephone network rather than wifi.
    run out of data
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