• (British) IPA: /dɪˈtɛst/

detest (detests, present participle detesting; past and past participle detested)

  1. (transitive) To dislike intensely; to loathe.
    I detest snakes.
    • 1715, Homer; [Alexander] Pope, transl., “Book IX”, in The Iliad of Homer, volume I, London: Printed by W[illiam] Bowyer, for Bernard Lintott between the Temple-Gates, OCLC 670734254 ↗:
      Who dares think one thing, and another tell, / My heart detests him as the gates of hell.
  2. (transitive, obsolete) To witness against; to denounce; to condemn.
    • The heresy of Nestorius […] was detested in the Eastern churches.
    • God hath detested them with his own mouth.
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