• IPA: /feɪ̯nt/

feint (feints, present participle feinting; past and past participle feinted)

  1. To make a feint, or mock attack.
Translations Adjective

feint (not comparable)

  1. (obsolete) Feigned; counterfeit.
  2. (fencing, boxing, war) (of an attack) directed toward a different part from the intended strike

feint (plural feints)

  1. A movement made to confuse the opponent; a dummy.
  2. That which is feigned; an assumed or false appearance; a pretense or stratagem.
    • Spectator
      Courtley's letter is but a feint to get off.
  3. (fencing, boxing, war) An offensive movement resembling an attack in all but its continuance
  4. The narrowest rule used in the production of lined writing paper (C19: Variant of FAINT)

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