• enPR: fôr-tĕlʹ, IPA: /fɔɹˈtɛl/
    • (AU) IPA: [foː.ˈteɫ]
    • (RP) IPA: [fɔː.ˈtɛɫ]
    • (America) IPA: [fɔɹ.ˈtɛɫ]

foretell (foretells, present participle foretelling; past and past participle foretold)

  1. (ambitransitive) To predict; to tell (the future) before it occurs; to prophesy.
    • 1725, Homer; [Alexander Pope], transl., “Book 2”, in The Odyssey of Homer. […], volume V, London: Printed for Bernard Lintot, OCLC 8736646 ↗:
      Deeds then undone me faithful tongue foretold.
    • Prodigies, foretelling the future eminence and lustre of his character.
  2. (transitive) To tell (a person) of the future.
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