• IPA: /ˈɡeɪ.bəl/

gable (plural gables)

  1. (architecture) The triangular area at the peak of an external wall adjacent to, and terminating, two sloped roof surfaces (pitches).
    • 1851 November 13, Herman Melville, chapter 2, in Moby-Dick; or, The Whale, 1st American edition, New York, N.Y.: Harper & Brothers; London: Richard Bentley, OCLC 57395299 ↗:
      It was a queer sort of place—a gable-ended old house, one side palsied as it were, and leaning over sadly.
Translations Noun

gable (plural gables)

  1. A cable.

  • IPA: /ˈɡeɪbəl/
Proper noun
  1. Surname

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