• (RP) IPA: /ˈdʒiːnɪəl/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈdʒinjəl/, /-ni.əl/


  1. Friendly and cheerful.
  2. (especially of weather) Pleasantly mild and warm.
  3. Marked by genius.
    • Men of genius have often attached the highest value to their less genial works.
    • 2003, Laura Fermi, Gilberto Bernardini, Galileo and the Scientific Revolution, Courier Dover Publications, page 111 []:
      About fifty years later, in 1675, the Danish astronomer Ole Roemer (1644-1710) had the genial idea of using astronomical rather than terrestrial distances.
  4. (archaic) Contributing to, or concerned in, propagation or production; generative; procreative; productive.
    • 1749, [John Cleland], “(Please specify the letter or volume)”, in Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure [Fanny Hill], London: Printed [by Thomas Parker] for G. Fenton [i.e., Fenton and Ralph Griffiths] […], OCLC 731622352 ↗:
      The well breath'd youth, hot-mettled, and flush with genial juices, was now fairly in for making me know my driver.
    • 1667, John Milton, “Book 7”, in Paradise Lost. A Poem Written in Ten Books, London: Printed [by Samuel Simmons], and are to be sold by Peter Parker […] [a]nd by Robert Boulter […] [a]nd Matthias Walker, […], OCLC 228722708 ↗; republished as Paradise Lost in Ten Books: The Text Exactly Reproduced from the First Edition of 1667: […], London: Basil Montagu Pickering […], 1873, OCLC 230729554 ↗:
      the genial bed
    • 1700, [John] Dryden, Fables Ancient and Modern; […], London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, […], OCLC 228732415 ↗:
      Creator Venus, genial power of love.
  5. (obsolete) Belonging to one's genius or natural character; native; natural; inborn.
    • 1646, Thomas Browne, Pseudodoxia Epidemica
      natural incapacity and genial indisposition
  • Russian: дружелю́бный
  • Spanish: campechano
Translations Pronunciation
  • (RP) IPA: /dʒɪˈnʌɪəl/, /-ˈniːəl/
  • (GA) IPA: /dʒəˈnaɪəl/, /-ˈni.əl/

genial (not comparable)

  1. (anatomy) Relating to the chin; genian.

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