incoming (not comparable)

  1. Coming (or about to come) in; arriving.
    Incoming tides cause a tidal bore in many rivers.
  2. Succeeding to an office.
    The incoming prime minister gave a press conference.
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  1. (countable) The act of coming in; arrival.
  2. (uncountable, military) Enemy fire directed at oneself.
    • 1977, Moyers S. Shore, The Battle for Khe Sanh
      Volume, however, was only part of the story because the incoming was almost always the heavier stuff. The hill received little 60mm or 82mm mortar fire but a deluge of 120mm mortar and 100mm artillery rounds.
    • 1992, Michael R. Conroy, Don't tell America! (page 120)
      I'll never forget the sight of those cannoneers standing at their guns firing back while the incoming was hitting all over. That was artillery's mission.
  1. (military) a warning that something is coming towards you; especially enemy artillery fire

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