• IPA: /ɪndɪˈtɜː(ɹ)mɪnət/


  1. Not accurately determined or determinable.
  2. Imprecise or vague.
  3. (mathematics, of certain forms of limit) Not definitively or precisely determined, because of the presence of infinity or zero symbols used in any of several improper combinations.
  4. (biology, of growth) With no genetically defined end, and thus theoretically limitless.
  5. (botany, of inflorescences) Not topped with some form of terminal bud.
  6. Intersex.
  7. (architecture) Designed to allow the incorporation of future changes whose nature is not yet known.
    • 2014, David Oakley, The Phenomenon of Architecture in Cultures in Change (page 196)
      It bears an affinity to the problem of indeterminate architecture—the indeterminate residential area.
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