• enPR: jə-nĕt'ĭk, IPA: [d͡ʒəˈnɛtɪk], [d͡ʒɪˈnɛtɪk]

genetic (not comparable)

  1. (genetics) Relating to genetics or genes. [from 1908]
  2. Caused by genes.
  3. Of or relating to origin (genesis). [from 1831]
    • 1858, Year-Book Of Facts In Science And Art For 1858 ↗
      All evidence tends to this conclusion, that the sun is the prime genetic agent of earthquakes and of every other pluto-dynamic impulse which acts against the crust of the planet, and breaks or elevates any of its parts.
  4. (linguistics) Based on shared membership in a linguistic family.
    Chinese has borrowed several words from English, but it does not have a genetic relationship to English.
  5. (theology) Based on a shared membership in a religious family.
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