• (British, America) enPR: kĭch, IPA: /kɪtʃ/

kitsch (uncountable)

  1. Art, decorative objects and other forms of representation of questionable artistic or aesthetic value; a representation that is excessively sentimental, overdone, or vulgar.
    • 1939, Clement Greenberg, "Avant Garde and Kitsch ↗", The Partisan Review,
      Because it can be turned out mechanically, kitsch has become an integral part of our productive system in a way in which true culture could never be, except accidentally.
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kitsch (comparative kitscher, superlative kitschest)

  1. Of art and decor: of questionable aesthetic value; excessively sentimental, overdone or vulgar.
    • 1989, Graham Greene, Yours etc: Letters to the Press 1945-1989, ISBN 1871061229, p. 243,
      […] a picture of lemur-eyed children of the sort one sees in the kitscher sort of Italian restaurant […]
    • 1996, Robert Silberman, "The stuff of art: Judy Onofrio", American Craft, Jun/Jul 1996, pp. 40-45,
      Abe Lincoln, Paul Bunyan and kitsch souvenir coconut heads come across as icons of masculinity.
    • 2005, Ronald Frame, "Critical Paranoia", Michigan Quarterly Review, Spring 2005, p. 285,
      I recognized her at once even though she wasn't wearing the tweed hunting outfit and the kitsch headwear.
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