• (GA) enPR: mĭksʹchər, IPA: /ˈmɪkstʃɚ/
  • (RP) IPA: /ˈmɪkstʃə/


  1. The act of mixing.
    The mixture of sulphuric acid and water produces heat.
  2. Something produced by mixing.
    An alloy is a mixture of two metals.
  3. Something that consists of diverse elements.
    The day was a mixture of sunshine and showers.
  4. A medicinal compound, typically a suspension of a solid in a solution
    A teaspoonful of the mixture to be taken three times daily after meals
  5. (music) A compound organ stop.
  6. A cloth of variegated colouring.
  7. (India) A mix of different dry foods as a snack, especially chevda or Bombay mix.
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  • Italian: composto
  • Russian: миксту́ра

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