• (GA) IPA: /ˈpeɪloʊd/

payload (plural payloads)

  1. That part of a cargo that produces revenue.
  2. The total weight of passengers, crew, equipment and cargo carried by an aircraft or spacecraft.
  3. That part of a rocket, missile, propelled stinger or torpedo that is not concerned with propulsion or guidance, such as a warhead or satellite.
    • 1990, Dave Mustaine, "Rust in Peace... Polaris", Megadeth, Rust in Peace.
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  4. (computing) The functional part of a computer virus or another type of malware program, rather than the part that spreads it.
  5. (communication) The actual data in a data stream.
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  • French: charge utile
  • Italian: carico utile
  • Russian: полезная нагру́зка

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