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perm (plural perms)

  1. (US) A permanent.
  2. (British) A permanent wave.

perm (perms, present participle perming; past and past participle permed)

  1. To give hair a perm, using heat, chemicals etc.

perm (plural perms)

  1. (informal) A permutation.
  2. A combination of outcomes (not a permutation) that a gambler bets on in the football pools.

Proper noun
  1. A historical region of northeastern Russia, corresponding to the Kama basin, a left tributary of the Volga.
  2. A krai in Russia, near the Ural Mountains.
  3. A city/administrative center in Perm Krai, Russia.
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  • French: Perm
  • German: Perm
  • Portuguese: Perm
  • Russian: Пермь
  • Spanish: Perm

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