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  1. Simple past tense and past participle of pick


  1. Chosen; selected.
  2. (zoology, of fishes) Having a pike or spine on the back.
    the picked dogfish
  3. (obsolete) fine; spruce; smart; precise; dainty
    • 1590, William Shakespeare, Love's Labour's Lost, V. i. 13:
      He is too / picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it were, / too peregrinate, as I may call it.
    • 1596, William Shakespeare, The Life and Death of King John, I. i. 193:
      Why then I suck my teeth and catechize / My picked man of countries:
  4. (obsolete) pointed; sharp
    • […] an useful bow a skilful bowyer wrought, / Which picked and polished both the ends he hid with horns of gold.
    • Let the stake be made picked at the top.

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