ping pong

ping pong (uncountable)

  1. Table tennis.
  2. (figuratively) An instance of figuratively bouncing something or someone back and forth.
  3. (UK, Parliament) The exchange of proposed amendments between the two houses of parliament, particularly at the end of a session when compromises have to be made to complete the legislative process within the limited time available.
  4. (dated) A size of photograph a little larger than a postage stamp.
    • 1909, James Boniface Schriever, Commercial, press, scientific photography (page 401)
      As only bust or half-length figures are all the ping pong photographer attempts, only one or two small plain backgrounds is all that is necessary. Generally two are used, a light one and a dark one.

ping pong (ping pongs, present participle ping ponging; past and past participle ping ponged)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To figuratively bounce or be bounced back and forth.
    1. (transitive, medicine) To refer (a patient) unnecessarily to a number of clinics or practitioners as a form of fraud.
  2. (intransitive) To play the game of ping pong.

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