1640-1650: from French prolifique, from Latin proles and facere ("to make"). Pronunciation
  • IPA: /ˌpɹəˈlɪf.ɪk/, /ˌpɹoʊˈlɪf.ɪk/


  1. Fertile; producing offspring or fruit in abundance — applied to plants producing fruit, animals producing young, etc.
  2. Similarly producing results or works in abundance
    • 2007, Ted Jones, The French Riviera: A Literary Guide for Travellers, gbooks :
      However appealing Antibes may be to migrant authors, indigenous ones are relatively scarce. A notable exception is Jacques Audiberti, Antibes-born novelist and prolific playwright who wrote in the turn-of-the-century surrealist style, with titles that translate as Slaughter, or In Favour of Infanticide.
  3. (botany) Of a flower: from which another flower is produced.
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