• IPA: /ˈɹɛkənsaɪl/

reconcile (reconciles, present participle reconciling; past and past participle reconciled)

  1. To restore a friendly relationship; to bring back to harmony.
    to reconcile people who have quarrelled
  2. To make things compatible or consistent.
    to reconcile differences
    • 1709, [Alexander Pope], An Essay on Criticism, London: Printed for W. Lewis […], published 1711, OCLC 15810849 ↗:
      Some Figures monstrous and mis-shap'd appear,
      Consider'd singly, or beheld too near,
      Which, but proportion'd to their Light, or Place,
      Due Distance reconciles to Form and Grace
    • 1693, [John Locke], “§2015”, in Some Thoughts Concerning Education, London: […] A[wnsham] and J[ohn] Churchill, […], OCLC 1161614482 ↗:
      The great men among the ancients understood how to reconcile manual labour with affairs of state.
  3. To make the net difference in credits and debits of a financial account agree with the balance.
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