• IPA: /ˈɹɛntəl/


  1. Something that is rented.
    It's just a rental, so I don't need to take very good care of it.
  2. The payment made to rent something.
  3. A business that rents out something to its customers.
  4. An act of renting.
  5. (sports) A player traded to a team with a year or less on his contract
  • Russian: аре́нда
Translations Adjective

rental (not comparable)

  1. Relating to rent.
  2. Relating to renting.
    • 2018, The Observer, The Observer view on the budget and the decade of austerity ↗, 28 October :
      Deep welfare cuts and rising rents have resulted in a growing gap in many areas of the country between what help people on low incomes receive to cover their housing and what that housing actually costs in the private rental sector.

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