• IPA: /ˈsɪmpli/


  1. (manner) In a simple way or state; considered in or by itself; without addition; alone.
    Antonyms: complexly
  2. (manner) Plainly; without art or subtlety
    Synonyms: clearly, obviously, unquestionably
  3. (manner) Weakly; foolishly; stupidly.
  4. (focus) Merely; solely.
    Synonyms: just, Thesaurus:merely
    I was simply asking a question.
  5. (degree) absolutely, positively.
    That was a simply wonderful dessert.
    Synonyms: very, Thesaurus:very
  6. (speech act) Frankly.
    Simply, he just fired you.
    Synonyms: honestly, Thesaurus:actually
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