• (America) IPA: /stəˈlɛtoʊ/, [stəˈlɛɾoʊ]

stiletto (plural stilettos)

  1. A small, slender knife or dagger-like weapon intended for stabbing.
  2. A rapier.
  3. An awl.
  4. A woman's shoe with a tall, slender heel (called a stiletto heel).
  5. A beard trimmed into a pointed form.
    • The very quack of fashions, the very he that / Wears a stiletto on his chin.
Translations Translations
  • French: talon aiguille (by ellipsis)
  • German: Pfennigabsatz, Bleistiftabsatz, Stöckelabsatz
  • Italian: tacco (by ellipsis)
  • Russian: шпи́лька
  • Spanish: zapato de tacón de aguja

stiletto (not comparable)

  1. Sharp and narrow like a stiletto.
    Her stiletto heels would cause damage if she ever stepped on someone's foot with them.

stiletto (stilettos, present participle stilettoing; past and past participle stilettoed)

  1. (transitive) To attack or kill with a stiletto dagger.
    • 1834, Henry Tudor, Narrative of a Tour in North America
      The recollection of former atrocities by the populace in plundering the city and stilettoing the inhabitants, is sufficiently fresh in the remembrance of the government to serve as an additional stimulus to prevent similar disorders.

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