• IPA: /səˈfɪʃənt/


  1. Equal to the end proposed; adequate to what is needed; enough
    We have provision sufficient for the family
    This army is sufficient to defend the country.
    There is not sufficient access to the internet in many small rural villages.
    Synonyms: ample, competent
  2. Possessing adequate talents or accomplishments; of competent power or ability; qualified; fit.
    A two-week training course is sufficient to get a job in the coach-driving profession.
  3. (archaic) Capable of meeting obligations; responsible.
    • 1668, Samuel Pepys, Diary of Samuel Pepys December 23 1668 take the best ways we can, to make it known to the Duke of York; for, till Sir J. Minnes be removed, and a sufficient man brought into W. Pen's place, when he is gone, it is impossible for this Office ever to support itself.
  4. (obsolete) Having enough money to meet obligations and live comfortably.
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  1. The smallest amount needed.
    Sufficient of us are against this idea that we should stop now.

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