• (British) IPA: /tuː/, [tʰu̟ː], enPR: to͞o
  • (America) IPA: /tu/, [tʰu̟], enPR: to͞o
  • (obsolete) IPA: /twuː/, enPR: two͞o
  1. cln en A numerical value equal to 2; this many dots (••).
    • 1912 January, Zane Grey, chapter 8, in Riders of the Purple Sage: A Novel, New York, N.Y.; London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, OCLC 6868219 ↗:
      Venters began to count them—one—two—three—four—on up to sixteen.
  2. Describing a set or group with two elements.
Translations Noun

two (plural twos)

  1. The digit/figure 2.
    The number 2202 contains three twos.
  2. (US, informal) A two-dollar bill.
  3. A child aged two.
    This toy is suitable for the twos and threes.
  4. A playing card featuring two pips.
Translations Translations
  • French: billet de deux dollars
  • German: Zweier, Zweidollarschein
  • Italian: biglietto da due dollari, bancanota da due dollari
  • Portuguese: cédula de dois dólares, nota de dois dólares
  • Russian: двухдолларо́вка

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