• enPR: ă-j'ə-tənt IPA: /ˈæ.dʒə.tənt/

adjutant (plural adjutants)

  1. (military rank) A lower-ranking officer who assists a higher-ranking officer with administrative affairs.
  2. An assistant.
  3. (zoology) Any bird of the genus Leptoptilos, a branch of the stork family (Ciconiidae) native to India and Southeast Asia.
    • 1876, "Burmah" in the Encyclopædia Britannica, 9th ed., Vol. IV, p. 552:
      Aquatic birds of various kinds are very numerous, such as geese, darters (Plotus melanogaster), scissor-bills (Rhynchops nigra), adjutants (Leptoptilos argala), pelicans, cormorants, cranes (Grus antigone, in Burmese gyoja), whimbrels, plovers, and ibises.
  • (bird) adjutant bird
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adjutant (not comparable)

  1. Assistant; who helps a higher-ranking officer.
    adjutant officer

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