Pronunciation Interjection
  1. A loud exclamation intended to scare someone, especially a child. Usually used when one has been hidden from the victim and then suddenly appeared unexpectedly.
  2. Used ironically in a situation where one had the opportunity to scare someone by speaking suddenly.
  3. An exclamation used by a member or many members of an audience, as at a stage play or sports game, to indicate derision or disapproval of what has just occurred.
  • French: bouh, hou
  • German: buh
  • Portuguese: bu
  • Russian: бу
  • Spanish: bu
  • German: buh
  • Portuguese: bu
  • Spanish: uuh
Translations Noun

boo (plural boos)

  1. A derisive shout made to indicate disapproval.
Translations Verb

boo (boos, present participle booing; past and past participle booed)

  1. (intransitive) To shout extended boos derisively.
    When he took the podium, the crowd booed.
    • 2004, The New Yorker, 18 Oct 2004
      Nobody booed and nobody clapped
  2. (transitive) To shout extended boos at, as a form of derision.
    The protesters loudly booed the visiting senator.
Antonyms Translations Translations
  • German: ausbuhen
  • Russian: осви́стывать

boo (plural boos)

  1. (US, Canada, AAVE, slang) A close acquaintance or significant other.

boo (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Cannabis.
    • 1967, George E. Andrews, ‎Simon Vinkenoog, The Book of Grass: An Anthology on Indian Hemp (page 213)
      […] sexually promiscuous girl who smoked boo all day and socialized with junkies when she wasn't busy banging away in bed […]
    • 1984, Raphael S. Ezekiel, Voices from the corner: poverty and racism in the inner city (page 56)
      Like I have smoked boo, drunk whiskey, and shot dope, and I was going through all three bags at once.
    • 2019, Ron Cook, On Guard in the General's Chorus (page 2)
      Grandpa doesn't want Grandma and their kids and grandkids to know that he had to get penicillin shots all the time, or that he smoked boo (marijuana) on a daily basis, or that he dealt in the black market, or that he had yobos (purchased live-in sex slaves).

Proper noun
  1. A locality in Nacka, Stockholm.
Proper noun
  1. (linguistics) The Boko language.

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