• (British) IPA: /ˈbʊlzaɪ/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈbʊlzaɪ/

bullseye (plural bullseyes)

  1. (military, firearms) The centre of a target, inside the inner and magpie.
  2. A shot which hits the centre of a target.
  3. (darts) The two central rings on a dartboard.
  4. A peppermint-flavoured confection with stripes on it.
  5. (nautical, obsolete) Thick glass set into the side of a ship to let in light.
  6. A hand-cancelled postmark issued by a counter clerk at a post office, typically done on a receipt for proof of mailing.
  7. The central part of a crown glass disk, with concentric ripple effect.
  8. A convex glass lens which is placed in front of a lamp to concentrate the light so as to make it more conspicuous as a signal; also the lantern itself.
  9. (UK, slang) A £50 banknote.
  • French: mille, mouche
  • German: Mitte
  • Italian: centro del bersaglio
  • Portuguese: na mosca, muche
  • Russian: я́блочко мишень
  • Spanish: centro del blanco
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  1. A cry when someone hits the bullseye of a target.
  2. By extension, a response when someone makes an accurate statement.
    "Did John steal the petty-cash?" "Bullseye"
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